Price:  $310.00

Brand:  HYDRA

  • Manual dosing additive for processor wash tanks and stabilizer solutions cleaner.
  • Rapidly removes dirt and keeps stabilizer solutions sweet and clean.
  • Cleans racks, rollers and tanks keeping them crystal clean.
  • One shot per day stops expensive downtime and lengthy maintenance programs.
  • 5 year shelf life

Features & Advantages

  • One shot of Hydra Algae Free/HD per day keeps wash/rinse tanks crystal clean and slime free.
  • Used in all makes of Mini Lab, Film and Paper processor wash/stabilizer tanks.
  • Rapidly removes wash/stabilizer tank bio slime. Cleans racks, rollers and tanks.
  • Stop expensive time consuming downtime and lengthy maintenance programs.
  • Stop slipping and jamming of racks and rollers.
  • Stop blemishes or marks caused by dirt.
  • Stop blockages or flooding caused by bio-film build-up in overflow pipes and drains.
  • Packed in 12x1 liter dosing bottles.


Manual dosed additive to stop mini lab stabilizers and static tank water from degrading.

Add 1 shot to each new batch of stabilizer solution.

Keeps wash water or stabilizer solutions crystal clean 24/7. Algae Free/HD is safe to be left in the processor. No need to drain before use.

Contains water softening agents to keep wash tanks scale free. Stops re-formation of dirt and scale deposits. A highly concentrated, blend of cleaning agents. Breaks down bio-film, which causes clogging, slimy bio-slime. Use daily in wash tanks or in static tanks, use each time fresh solution is made up.

One shot per day stops expensive time consuming downtime and lengthy maintenance programs.

N.B. For Automatic dosing see Hydra’s ADE24/TX system + Algae Free/AD additive.

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