Price:  $399.00

Brand:  HYDRA

  • 4x5L Refills for use through the Hydra ADE24/TX auto dosing system.
  • Automatically keep wash tanks, racks and drains clean and free running 24/7.
  • Stops expensive down time and re-takes on film and paper.
  • Stops blockages or flooding caused by bio-film build-up in overflow pipes & drain.
  • 5 year shelf life

Features & Advantages

  • Wash tank additive refills for Hydra ADE24/TX dosing system for bio-slime free wash water & tanks and drains.
  • Used through all makes of NDT, X-Ray, Film and Paper Processor wash tanks.
  • Rapidly removes dirt, bio-film deposits. Cleans racks, rollers tanks and drains.
  • Stop expensive downtime, re-takes and lengthy maintenance programs.
  • Stop slipping and jamming of racks and rollers.
  • Stop blemishes or marks caused by dirt or bio-film.
  • Stops clogging or flooding in overflow pipes and drains.
  • Wash Tank Bio-Slime Remover keeps wash tanks crystal clean 24/7..
  • Packed in 5 liter bottle.
  • Safe, Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Biodegradable.


Algae Free/AD cleaner keeps processor wash water & tanks spotlessly clean and free from bio slime. Stops formation and re-formation of dirt and bio-film, keeps wash water solutions crystal clean.

Rapid cleaning agent, X-Ray processor cleaning solution, removes wash water & tanks bio-slime, contains water softening agents to keep wash tanks scale free.

Used in NDT, Film, Paper, Ultrasonic and Inspection Tanks.

A highly concentrated x-ray processor cleaner, blend of unique cleaning agents.. Rapidly breaks down the bio-film, which causes slimy, clogging bio-slime. Regular use keeps wash/rinse water clean and fresh.

Safe for use in all NDT and X-Ray Processors, photographic film and paper processors and in ultrasonic, inspection and static tanks.

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