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Price:  $66.00

Brand:  HYDRA

  • Rapidly removes developer tar, stains, dye residues from racks and rollers.
  • Regular use will keep the rollers from hardening & keeps tar from building up.
  • Spray foam on - Works on contact without heavy scrubbing - Rinse Off.
  • Also packed in 1.3 gallon bottles for soak cleaning & refilling 1 liter bottles.
  • 5 year shelf life.

Features & Advantages

  • Fast acting non-fuming foaming processor cleaner.
  • Rapidly removes stains, dyes, glues, developer & polymer residues.
  • Non-fuming, fast acting Hydra Sprint V2 with unique clinging foam is as easy to rinse off as it is to apply.
  • Hydra Sprint V2 stops 'tram lines' or dirty marks on film. Stops racks/rollers from jamming and slipping.
  • Rapidly foams away chemical and developer tar stains from racks, rollers, tanks and casings.
  • CTP: Hydra Sprint V2 removes dye and stains from CTP plate processor rollers / tanks / casings.
  • Printing presses/mail extraction: Hydra Sprint V2 removes ink and ink overspray from all equipment.
  • Excellent all-around multi-purpose cleaner.


Sprint V2 with Non-Fuming Foam coats the surface to be cleaned and does not dry out before the contamination has been dissolved.

Works on impact to ensure even hard to clean inner rollers or difficult to clean areas are easily treated to ensure faster easier cleaning = less down time.

Sprint V2 is non-atomizing and safe to use even in confined areas, unlike spray cleaners which mist into the air causing inhalation of chemicals along with the associated hazards.

Rapidly removes the heaviest of oxidized developer tar build-up on contact from Racks, Rollers, Soaks Tanks, Blankets and Belts. Use Sprint liquid at dilution 1:5 - 1:10 with water to soak clean tanks with racks left in situ or to the soak racks out of the processor. Foam away staining from processor casings.

Rapidly removes blue dye and tar deposits from rollers, plate and printing equipment. Simply foam Sprint V2 onto surface and wipe off with damp, clean cloth.

Removes cyanoacrylate ‘super glue’ build-up from fume cabinets, glass and working surfaces.

An exceptionally efficient, safe cleaner for use around the entire laboratory. Sprint V2 cuts through grime and staining on mixing vessels and other laboratory equipment. Brings glass, working surfaces, marble and stainless steel equipment “up like new”.

Foam away sticky brake dust from aluminium wheels, clean ovens, hobs and grills. Soak away baked on food deposits.

Cleans paintwork, floors and walls. Deep clean kitchens and bathrooms and to clean patio furniture, barbecues and paving slabs.

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