HYDRA DSC-100 (6X1L) per Case

HYDRA DSC-100 (6X1L) per Case

Price:  $98.00

Brand:  HYDRA

  • 3 Part System Cleaner.
  • Developer System Soak Tank Cleaner.
  • Cleans Developer Tank Pipework & Pump.
  • Removes Silver & Silver Oxide Deposits.
  • Easy and Fast Deep Cleaning.
  • 5 year shelf life.

Features & Advantages

  • Powerful, non-fuming three stage developer system tank cleaner.
  • Removes efficiently silver and silver oxide deposits.
  • Cleans developer rack and tank rapidly.
  • DSC-100 clears away silver build up from the wash racks.
  • Fast action and easy cleaning. For improved results leave within the tank developer rack.
  • Cleans developer tank pipework and pumps.
  • Enhances working efficiency of the processors.


Fast Acting - Non Fuming

DSC-100 rapidly removes chemically bonded silver and silver oxide deposits from developer racks, rollers, tanks and pipework in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Powerful, Fast Acting Cleaner

DSC-100 starts to work on contact. Deep cleaning is fast and easy.

The rack can be cleaned separately from the processor, however, if DSC-100 is used with the developer rack left in the tank, this greatly improves the working efficiency of your processor by cleaning the developer tank pipework and pumps.

Using DSC-100 stops fresh chemistry from being contaminated by old chemical build-up on racks and tanks, thus improving the efficiency and life of your developer.

Hydra DSC-100 is a fast acting non fuming product that rapidly removes chemically bonded silver from rollers, racks, tanks and pipework within 45 minutes to 1 hour.

DSC-100 also removes accumulated silver from wash tank, wash rack, stabilizer racks, and tanks.

Important: DSC-100 should not be used for cleaning bleach/fix tanks and racks.

DSC-100 acts immediately upon contact and offers fast and easy deep cleaning. The racks may be taken out and cleaned separately from the processor using DSC-100. Use DSC-100 with the developer rack left within the tank. This method of cleaning clears up developer tank pumps, pipework and aids in better functioning of the processor.

Use DSC-100 to prevent the contamination of fresh chemistry due to previous chemical build up in tanks or on racks. DSC-100 improves the work efficiency and adds to the life of the developer.

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