Pack Size:  
Price:  $78.00

Brand:  HYDRA

  • Foaming processor deep cleaner, scale remover for heavy dev. and fix build-up.
  • Leaves metal gleaming. Blitz V2 is often called Hydra Sprint V2's big brother.
  • Safe to use on all racks, rollers and crossovers.
  • Also in 5 liter bottles for soak cleaning
  • 5 year shelf life

Features & Advantages

  • Foaming processor rack, roller and tank deep cleaner and scale remover.
  • Developer system cleaner specially formulated to remove the heaviest build-up.
  • Foams away years of developer, fix and scale build-up from the entire processor.
  • Or use diluted to soak clean and de-scale tanks, recirculation systems, pipework & water jackets.
  • Leaves metal gleaming. Hydra Blitz V2 is often called Hydra Sprint V2's big brother.
  • Hydra Blitz V2 foams away even heavy, chemically bonded tar, fix, bleach and scale deposits.
  • Hydra Blitz V2 removes old slime or mineral / water scale from wash tanks rollers.
  • Packed in liter foaming trigger spray bottles, 14x1 liter per carton.
  • Wash tank descaler packed in 4x5 liter case for soak cleaning.


Blitz V2 is designed to soak away heavy build-up of chemical residues caused by photopolymer and thermal plate processing. Blitz V2 cleans and removes calcium scale within the final rinse tank with ease. Also available in 1 liter foaming bottles for removing lighter build-up within tanks (for dye staining on rollers and processor casings see Sprint V2).

Blitz V2 Rapidly dissolves away all traces of heavily oxidized sticky developer and chemical build-up from racks and tanks and calcium build-up on racks or in wash tanks. Blitz V2 also de-scales pipework and heat exchangers.

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