About Us

Hydra International Chemicals Inc. is a major chemical formulator, manufacturers, and supplier of high-performance cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene products. We specialize in the solving of difficult problems found within the imaging, NDT, graphic arts, reprographic, professional labs, Mini-Labs, PCB industries.  Hydra believes in using the latest technology backed up by 'old-fashioned values'.

Hydra manufactures and supplies to a vast range of industries. Our products are shipped all over the world either directly or via distributors.  Our technical and sales staff are trained to ensure that the right product is supplied to solve each individual customer's requirements.  


We hold large stocks of finished products in our substantial warehouse, and deliveries are shipped out the day after they are ordered.  Hydra products come in a choice of different sizes depending upon the product to ensure that the customer receives the correct pack size for their needs.

Our motto is: The Answer is Yes - Now Give us your Problem!

Our Company has an innovative and dynamic approach to problem-solving.  Where we do not have a standard product, we have developed products specifically for customers to solve their unique problems. This has made Hydra a world leader in chemical cleaning technology.  

Growth Plans

Hydra has a strong Research and Development side that is constantly developing new products.  We are currently working on developing the latest nano-technology together with renewal and biodegradable raw materials for de-scaling, cleaning, and sterilizing.


Our directors have many years of experience at the sharp end of our industry - selling and developing the best and safest products for any cleaning problems ensuring that all of our products offer the best performance whilst remaining value for money.

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